Tiled stoves

Tiled stoves for a homely atmosphere

Tiled stoves have an eye-catching look reminiscent of grandma’s kitchen. But there’s more to them than that. They evoke the holiday spirit and the cosy feel of a ski trip. But they also create a comfortable atmosphere with outstanding heating and low levels of wood consumption. Once they’re fired up, the room stays warm all day long. As the stove isn’t open, the ash is only removed every few months, unlike in a fireplace. This is because the tall, slim furnaces as in the antique Perler stoves use air injections calculated according to modern times to reach a very high combustion temperature. This means everything burns up from charcoal to fine white powder ash, which does not produce waste. Optimising and adapting pieces to the latest heating technology and regulations are a given for us, as well as a mark of quality. Your stove leaves our workshop certified with a full two-year guarantee.

The creative liberties of the old master craftsmen are the perfect way to create a bold, idiosyncratic, modern and exciting interior that suits you. Your imagination knows no bounds, as we’ve got experience with every interior design style – whether it’s playful Art Nouveau or cool and exciting Art Deco. Perler even incorporates the “bold” and refreshing functionalism of modern buildings into its range of rare stoves for heating and cooking:

this style dispenses with the usual ornamentation, decoration and colour in favour of usability and functionality, which is in turn expressed in its own idiosyncratic ways in the design vocabulary.
Discover unique treasures you might never have imaged or expected.

Tiled stoves for a homely atmosphere

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