Fireplace stoves & fire viewing panels

Antique free-standing fireplace stoves with the latest heating technology from Perler Ofen GmbH concealed inside

Our services include upgrading the design and heating technology used in old fireplace stoves (in line with legislation).

We take junk shop finds and our own pieces and make them functional and safe. Old wood-guzzling burners become modern and safe heating units, while all fireplace stoves are sealed with glass in a subtle and mobile design by Perler’s team of craftsmen and women.

Fireplace stoves don’t just bring a crackling atmosphere to your cosy or modern living space – once refurbished by Perler, they make genuine and effective heat sources with a wide viewing panel to look at the flames.

Fire viewing panels

The magnificent craftsmanship, passion and expertise of Perler’s team of specialists will meet your requirements for fire viewing panels: ;

We have spare parts for almost every model of stove, often suitable for the original, usually spare decorated cast-iron doors. We build panels for viewing the fire and flames into the stove. The glass, which can be opened, is equipped with a combustion air nozzle to avoid sooty buildup.

Please do not hesitate to bring us your wildest dreams and wishes – with sketches, plans and pictures of the stove location and the fireplace and chimney setup if you can.

Perler Ofen GmbH - Bern

Examples of restored fireplace stoves and fire viewing panels