Master painters

Master painters

With attention to detail, reviving the arts of bygone times.

Our master painters put a true sense of wonder into working with damaged tiles – here in our own workshop or on your premises.

Tiles are lovingly pieced back together from individual fragments.

Restoring and recasting integrate tile elements are child’s play in the experienced hands of our specialists.

However, the crowning glory is the painting of the tiles, which has been performed by unique artists for centuries.

That’s where our master painters come in – showing off their skills by reworking tile paintings from a range of different eras. ;

The original artists’ lines and colour blends are constantly reinterpreted and fine-tuned with the flair and skill developed over years of experience.

Simply retouching damage to glazing breathes new life into many an old stove.

Check out our testimonials from satisfied customers – they speak for themselves.