Genuine classics given a modern twist in Wabern bei Bern

Refurbishment - Perler Ofen

Here, working together with you, we take advantage of the “scope” for individuality that was already available at the time of production. Your requests and requirements are replicated exactly and implemented specifically for you and your unique piece, without any distortion or loss of value.

The quantum leap – an original and benchmark for the future

When it comes to modern, clean wood heating technology, we make no compromises: our unique standard has just been included in the new Swiss Ordinance on Air Pollution Control – clean, low-pollutant combustion technology with minimal fine particle emissions, certified and approved without a fine particle separator requirement since 1 January 2018.

We demand more than just clean combustion

Our master craftspeople are focused, experienced and passionate specialists and experts of the highest level. Come and see how they work and how unique features are lovingly preserved and refined: with innovative materials, precision finishing and implementation of the strictest standards of modern wood-firing technology – brought together each time in their own unique piece.

The Perler motto: improving on perfection!

We work with you to tackle the new challenge every single time to get the most out of your piece: a view of the fire – where and how much, fire safety – with or without a chimney or fireplace, mobile heating – portable and electric. As you can see: for us, the unexpected and the extraordinary come as standard.

Examples of modern heating technology in original antique pieces:

External fresh air supply:
When restoring a stove nowadays, an external fresh air supply often needs to be built in as new and well-insulated houses and apartments are often very “air-tight” and don’t allow new bursts of air into the room from outside. However, every furnace needs combustion air to burn cleanly – otherwise, it simply smoulders and produces smoke. Installing an external fresh air supply helps with this. In the Minergie standard, an external fresh air supply is essential for connecting a wood-fired stove.

New contemporary furnaces for clean combustion with glass doors (if desired) for a view of the flames:

In accordance with the new Swiss Ordinance on Air Pollution Control, a large, tall furnace with an additional combustion air supply straight to the area of the flame is desirable for clean top-down or front-to-back combustion. In many stoves we restore, the former heating compartment is lowered above the fire door and converted into a raised loading door, including a glass door for a view of the flames. As an option, the two doors can also be combined as one tall fire door, with an additional large, tall glass door behind them for a unique fire viewing experience. When the doors are closed, however, the stove looks (almost) exactly like the original – the unique value and history of the antique are preserved.

Other refurbishment options for fire viewing and clean combustion: