Rustic cooking stoves

Tradition meets modernity in the kitchen with Perler Ofen GmbH

Tradition meets modernity in the kitchen with Perler Ofen GmbH

We’re happy to help you create your dream kitchen with a stove from Perler Ofen GmbH. Our rustic pieces are wood fired for a cosy feel. We take your personal taste and specific requirements into account when helping you select a stove.

The wide range of rustic models features craftsmanship specific to various regions with a variety of designs and influences. All our rustic cooking stoves boast a rustic and cosy feel and are all wood fired.

We use modern materials in our rustic cooking stoves to create flowing and contrasting combinations of fixtures and fittings for a look that truly catches the eye.

Examples of restored stoves sold

Wood-fired cooking stove circa 1890 with water outlet taps

Large antique cooking stove with wood furnace and glass ceramic hob

Large wood-fired cooking stove with addition on right and left and beautifully decorated corner moulding

Wood-fired cooking stove with glass window for a view of the flames

Rustic wood-fired cooking stove with maximum protection against rust, suitable for placing outdoors

Wood-fired cooking stove with additional section on right, circa 1900

Antique Sursee wood-fired cooking stove with cool, elegant and harmonious colour scheme matching the latest kitchen features (on request)

Rebuilt rustic cooking stove, heats tiled stoves