About us

Specialists in antique stoves and craftsmanship

Craftsmanship, restoration and preservation of antique stoves and cookers has been our passion since 1984. Countless unique treasures, designed to suit customers’ specific needs and preferences, have left Perler Ofen and made their way to new owners since then. ;

We create the unmistakable – a unique piece designed to reflect your dearest and wildest dreams and wishes.

You can also plug into our passion – we’re happy to advise you!

At Perler Ofen GmbH, the company culture is all about trust, expertise, individuality and commitment

The challenge of preserving the original is the heart of our concepts. Our employees favour close and trusting relationships where we work closely and effectively with and for each other. Our team of passionate specialists put their heart, soul and body into making Perler Ofen GmbH what it is today.

Unique stoves for cooking and heating – creating the finest atmosphere

Since the advent of standard industrialisation, the norm has increasingly become simplicity, mass production and products that are easy to replace. True originals look different – and Perler Ofen GmbH has been putting its heart and soul into bringing original stoves back to life for decades now. Originals have their own identity. Restoring or repairing individual pieces requires expert craftsmanship. This requires confidence, the boldness to constantly rethink designs, without losing sight of the requirements, functionality and actual circumstances. Our mission is to protect, preserve and perfect stunning, unique, handcrafted and regionally diverse stoves for heating and cooking as true cultural treasures.

A closer look reveals originality, quality, beauty, technology and modernity

Convenient, multifunctional and contemporary technology – all in genuine antique packaging. Bringing the good old days back to life with the craftsmanship and flair unique to those times and the creative independence of the artisans, foundry workers and master craftsmen of times past. Without having to forgo the technology and convenience of today. Our stoves are original and made from quality materials, boasting modern functions that make them easy to maintain.


Restoring antique ovens and stoves takes flair, plenty of expertise and the right qualifications. ;

The Perler team has combined all these qualities for almost 35 years. The people who work with us know what they can do and what they’ve got in them. They have the courage to demonstrate their talent and ability as they face the challenges of every single demanding day. That’s how your dream of an original becomes a reality.

Marc Huber


Sales (de/en), planning, consulting


Direct line +41 (0)79 959 66 66

Tom Jost



Direct line 079 407 07 15



Patricia Uebelhart

Executive Assistant, Administration, Finance, HR


Direct line +41 (0)31 961 79 79

Mia Di Giovannantonio

Marketing/sales (fr/it)


Direct line +41 (0)79 907 70 70

Perler Ofen GmbH - Bern

Heinz Herrmann

Workshop manager, trained stovefitter with years of experience in metalworking and specialist in original antique cooking stoves

Perler Ofen GmbH - Bern

Manfred Bongard

Trained plumbing and sanitation specialist with craftsmanship skills, all-rounder in intricate mechanical tasks and custom production, experience in producing detailed replicas

Juan Oppliger Macias

Stove builder in Training

Perler Ofen GmbH - Bern

Matthias Siegrist

Trained stovemaker, specialist in antique stoves for cooking and heating, fourth-generation stovemaker, many years working on conservation of historical monuments

Stefan Hirsbrunner

Trained Stovemaker

Joel Schmutz

Trained stovemaker

Ada Cascione

Painting, finishing, retouching and tile paintwork, test firing and more

Perler Ofen - Team

Markus Gilomen

Trained painter/artist with own studio, tile restoration specialist, retouching and tile painting




Vojtech Juhasz


Customer testimonials

“The advice, the service and the quality of the work was everything we could have asked for.”

“The antique stove is the focal point of our living area.’

“Your magnificent stove met all our expectations to our full satisfaction.”

“The custom restoration, designed to last, brings our tiled stove into the modern daymade to last and bringing years of joy.”

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